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Enjoy LA for two whole days. Recommended for riders that want to see more of LA or spend a day at Universal Studios (admission sold separately). With the largest open-top Hop-on Hop-off City Sightseeing bus service in the world, discover the many marvels of Los Angeles attractions on the ultimate customized tour in comfort and style!

2 Day Pass to the city
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Hollywood Red Line

Hollywood Red Line Departures -Full loop 2 hours
First departure from Stop #1 Dolby Theater: 9:00 am.
Last full loop departs from Stop #1 Dolby Theater: 7:00 pm.
(Buses depart approx. every 30 minutes from stop #1)

Downtown L.A. Purple Line

Downtown L.A. Purple Line -Full loop 2-1/2 hours
First departure purple Stop #1 El Capitan Theatre: 9:00am
First departure from Stop #37 Olvera Street: 9:15am
First departure from stop #43 Convention / Staple Center: 9:00am
Last full loop from purple Stop #1 El Capitan Theatre: 3:30pm
Last bus one way from stop #1 El Capitan to Downtown LA is 6:30pm
(Buses run every hour to hour and 15 minutes, to Downtown LA)

Santa Monica Yellow Line

Santa Monica Yellow Line - Full loop 2 hours
First departure from Stop #7 Beverly Hills: 10:00am.
Last full loop departing from Stop #7 Beverly Hills: 5:30pm.
Last returning bus from Stop #57 Santa Monica Pier to stop #7 Beverly Hills: 6:10pm.
Last departure one way from Stop #7 to stop #57 Santa Monica Pier is at 7:40pm.
(Buses depart every 30 - 40 minutes from stop #7)

Universal Blue Line

Universal Blue Line - Full loop 1 hours
First departure from Stop #1 Dolby Theatre: 9:00am.
Last full loop from Stop #1 Dolby Theatre is at 5:30pm, returning to Hollywood at 6:30pm.
Last departure from Stop #1 to Dolby to Universal and hotels: 6:30pm.
Bus terminates at Universal Studios.
(Buses depart every 60 minutes from stop #1)

LAX Grey Line

LAX Grey connector to Hollywood
First departures from Stop #92 La Quinta: 8:00 am & 8:30am from hotels near LAX on Century Blvd. Starting at Stop #92 La Quinta.
Last departing Stop #1 Dolby Theatre returning to hotels near LAX: 7:00 pm.
Note: Buses do not go into LAX airport.

LAX Orange Connect

LAX Orange line to Santa Monica Pier
First departure from LAX area hotels starts at Stop #92 La Quinta: 8:00am & 8:30am, arriving at Santa Monica Pier Stop #57: 9:30am and 10am.
Departing from Stop #57 Santa Monica Pier (Ocean and Broadway) at 7:00pm. Returning to hotels on Century Blvd near LAX and Marina Del Rey hotels. Buses do not go to LAX airport.

Closure Date

Hop-On, Hop-Off will not be operating Sunday, February 9, 2020, as the 92nd Oscars Ceremony will close down for the Red Carpet at The Dolby Theatre.

LA Marathon Closure

The Hop-On,Hop-Off operating schedule will be modified Sunday, March 8th due to the LA Marathon as follows:

First Red Route will start at 12:30pm from stop #1
Red Route last departure will be extended from 6:00pm from stop #1

Purple Route start at
11:50am from Stop #43
12:15pm from Stop #37
12:30 from Stop #1
Purple Route will be extended on last departure to 6:30pm from Stop #1Hop On - Hop Off Shuttles

** There will be 1 shuttle from LAX departing at 11:00am and one return in the evening at 6:00pm.

** Blue Route will operate normal, departing from Orange court.

** Yellow Route will NOT operate

** No shuttles from LAX to Venice Beach/Santa Monica


Hop on Hop off Bus 48 Hours

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