Yosemite National Park One Day Tour by Train

1 Day | Adults: $131, Children: $69

Adults (18 and older)
Children (5-17)

Enjoy an unforgettable California sightseeing experience – book your Yosemite National Park tours with us!

Key Features:

  • By Train and Bus from San Francisco or Emeryville.
  • Single travelers welcome!
  • Comfortable seating on the train and fullsize YARTS bus with restroom and i-phone etc outlet
  • Tour starts from San Francisco at 6:30 AM
  • Returns to San Francisco around 10:15 PM OR MIDNIGHT
  • OPTIONAL two hour Valley Floor tour with National Park Naturalist Guide
  • 1 day San Joaquin Yosemite Tracks $131.00 / WITH VALLEY FLOOR TOUR $156.00

If you only have one day!

Don’t miss this opportunity to see one of America’s most magnificent National Parks, located 215 miles south east of San Francisco. You go by AMTRAK train from Emeryville to Merced then motor coach to Yosemite. You have at least three hours in Yosemite and the option to take a comprehensive Valley Tour.

This is an economical and very enjoyable way of taking a day trip. It is not a group tour with one single driver taking you up there and back all the way. By changing between bus and the train in Merced you have a break at the station.

If you do not have a night to spare and this is the only time you are here then it is worth the long journey. Unforeseen delays can shorten your time in Yosemite. Once you start it is not possible to modify the trip. Appliances or goods can be returned or exchanged but travel time can not be regained nor the cost refunded if your expectations are not met. Take this trip if you only have one day!

GOING THERE by AMTRAK TRAIN (147 miles) and YARTS bus (82 miles)

For going up by Amtrak, about 6:30 to 6:45 shuttle bus or sedan car arranged by us will pick you up from your hotel. Driving across the Oakland Bay Bridge you reach the AMTRAK station in Emeryville by 7:20. Board San Joaquin train # 712 at 7:40. The passenger cars have wide comfortable seats with lots of legroom and restrooms. Get snacks in the Café Car. Enjoy this very nice train ride through the Delta area, small towns and miles of vineyards, almond and other nut and fruit trees and vegetable farms rarely seen by visitors. Arrive in Merced at 10:31. Transfer to Yosemite Regional Area Transit (YARTS) bus, arrive Yosemite Lodge at 1:15 p.m. You will be in Yosemite Valley until 4:00 p.m. Time to grab lunch. A short 15 minute walk gets you to Yosemite Falls. There is a free shuttle system in the Valley that takes you to Yosemite Falls, The Visitor Center, The Ahwahnee Hotel, Camp Curry and Mirror Lake.

Bus leaving Yosemite Lodge at 4:00PM

Return on YARTS Bus leaving Yosemite Lodge at 4:00 PM to Merced arriving at 6:17, then train
# 717 at 6:42 back to Emeryville, arriving at 9:45 p.m. Shuttle bus / Sedan Car will transfer you to San Francisco.

OPTIONAL VALLEY FLOOR TOUR. 2 hours. 26 miles. 4:00 PM (6 PM return to San Francisco 12:35 AM)

On this two-hour tour, park rangers introduce some of Yosemite’s most famous sightseeing points in Yosemite Valley and describe the history, geology, plant and animal life of the region. This year-round Yosemite Valley Floor tour provides a fuller knowledge and enjoyment of the park. Open-air trams operate from late spring through early fall. From late October through April, tour in an enclosed and heated motor coach with large windows allowing unimpeded views of Yosemite’s famous sights. Take postcard-perfect pictures. This tour has to be booked before you leave San Francisco. The cost is $25. You have additional 2 hours in the Park, leaving at 6:00 p.m. arriving in San Francisco at Hyatt Regency Hotel and The Ferry Building after midnight at 12:30

  • Tour operates daily all year (except certain holidays)

  • Pricing Tour code: A): SYTRB or SYTRS (3 or 5 hours free in the park)
    • $131 per person

    • $ 69 (Children 5 to 11 years)

  • Pricing Tour code: B): SYTRY (with 2 hour Valley Floor Tour)
    • $156 per person

    • $ 89 (Children 5 to 11 years)

  • Rates include:
    • Yosemite entrance fee
    • Free luggage space
    • Student discount available with valid ID
    • B) SYTRY includes Valley Floor Tour ($25)
    • Taxes
    • No hidden costs such as fuel charge etc.