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Departure Time(s):   Hourly from 9:30 a.m.

Duration: 2 Hours

Tour Code: H1

Departing Location: Hollywood Terminal

Vehicle: Mini Bus or 13 Passenger Van

Schedule: 7 Days a Week

2 Hours • Every 15 Minutes • 7 Days a Week

Departs from Hollywood

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No trip to Los Angeles is complete without a tour of the homes and playgrounds of Hollywood’s rich and famous and no tour company can bring you that experience like the originator of the  Hollywood Movie Stars Home Tour, Starline Tours and it’s over 80 years of experience!

  • Rates:
  • From TCL Chinese Theatre (9:30am-Sundown):

    • Adults (Ages 12+):  $45
    • Children (Ages 3-11): $35

    With Hotel Pick-Up & Drop-Off:

    • Adults (Ages 12+):  $59
    • Children (Ages 3-11):  $45

Millions of customers have enjoyed this tour since we first started offering it way back in 1935.

A lot has changed since then, but one thing that’s remained the same is that Starline still delivers more celebrity sightings than any other L.A. tour company.

Tour Points of Interest:

  • Hollywood Blvd. & Walk of Fame
  • Beverly Hills
  • Mullholland Drive
  • Sunset Strip – The Birthplace of the Hollywood Music Scene
  • Hollywood Hills
  • Dozens of Film and TV locations
  • Rodeo Drive Shopping District

Along your journey, you’ll also get to see the homes of current and past stars like:

  • Elvis Presley
  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Drew Carey
  • Gloria Estefan
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Katy Perry
  • Sacha Baron Cohen & Isla Fisher
  • Michael Jackson

During your outing, our experienced and knowledgeable guides will lead an entertaining and interactive experience as you cruise through some of L.A.’s most glamorous corners in our famous open-air 13-passenger vans.

You’ll visit Beverly Hills, enjoy a stunning view from Mulholland Drive, and get an up-close look at the city’s most iconic attractions, including the legendary Hollywood sign, and much more. There are many, many more, so be sure to bring your camera. You never know who you might spot during your tour!

Starline Tours delivers more stars than the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Back in 1935, when Starline became the first company in Los Angeles to offer a tour of celebrity homes, no one could have imagined that over 80 years and millions of guests later, the Starline Celebrity Homes Tour would be an iconic symbol of Hollywood and something on the “to do” list of tourists, the world over. 

With millions of visitors flocking to Los Angeles each year, all hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrities, Starline has crafted the Movie Stars and Celebrity Homes tour to give their guests every opportunity to see where the world’s most famous and glamourous people live. Along the way, you never know who might be standing outside their home or driving alongside the Starline bus. That’s why, at Starline, we always suggest that our guests keep their cameras ready!

While others may try and imitate Starline’s top rated Celebrity Homes Tour, no one can offer our level of expertise.  With the best, most engaging and knowledgeable guides, in Los Angeles, leading each tour and giving our guests the kind of insider information no other company can provide, the Starline Celebrity Home Tour experience is unmatched in quality, information and fun!

If seeing the neighborhoods and homes of celebrities, past and present, wasn’t already enough, the Starline Celebrity Homes tour also takes guests deeper into the world of the rich and famous by traveling through some of LA’s hottest hangouts, along the world famous Sunset Strip or the shopping capitol of the world, Rodeo Drive. Whether it’s driving the pristine streets of Beverly Hills, taking in the breathtaking views of the city from Mullholland Drive, seeing the Hollywood sign up close or passing through the tree lined properties of the Hollywood Hills, a Starline tour will help you check off every must see location on your next visit.

In total, Starline’s Celebrity Homes Tour offer more exclusive locations than any other Hollywood bus tour can and gives you ALL the information you could ever want about each location we visit. 

There’s good reason to book celebrity tours of Los Angeles with Starline Tours.

With over 80 years of experience and millions of satisfied guests, Starline has proven over and over again that we are the pre-emanate Hollywood tour experience and we cannot wait to share our decades of knowledge with you!

You can book our Movie Stars and Celebrity Homes on its own, or as part of a package deal with our other outings. The choice is yours!

Each of our tours through the city’s most iconic landmarks is aboard our comfortable and spacious 13-passenger buses.

Complete your booking or call Starline Tours at 1-800-959-3131 or (+1) 323-463-3333.

  • Celebrity Homes History
  • For Almost As Long As There Have Been Celebrities In Hollywood, There’s Been Starline Celebrity Tours!

    Our long and storied history began innocently enough, in 1935, when a Los Angeles based chauffer came to the conclusion that tourists might want to see the homes of the stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Los Angeles has changed a lot over the last 80 years, but one thing has stayed constant, when it comes to Hollywood Tours, there is only one Starline Tours.

    Like our motto says…. at Starline Tours, the fun starts here!

    Customers booking  through our website can take advantage of special online offers, or you can complete your booking by calling Starline Tours at 1-800-959-3131 or (+1) 323-463-3333.

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