Haunted Hollywood Tour

2 Hours | Adults: $50, Children: $40

Adults (12 and older)
Children (3-11)

Beyond the glitz and glamor of Hollywood lies a dark side – a side that only rises once the Southern California sun has set and the ghosts of Los Angeles stir in their graves. Explore the spooky world of restless spirits, shocking scandals, strange mysteries, and unexplained sightings with the Starline Tours haunted bus tour!

Our ghost tours in Los Angeles are steeped in Hollywood lore, highlighting forgotten secrets at iconic locations and famous hotspots throughout the city. You will also hear twisted tales from L.A.’s past, from shocking true stories of murder and suicide to chaotic mayhem with a supernatural edge. Guests on our haunted bus tour will walk in the footsteps of famous ghosts and restless spirits, visiting actual locations that are said to be haunted – places where professional investigators have captured unexplained EVPs and digital recordings of paranormal activity!

Highlights of your haunted bus tour will include:
  •        A visit to the Roosevelt Hotel, said to house the spirit of Marilyn Monroe, whose shade has allegedly been seen in a full-length mirror that once adorned her favorite poolside suite
  •        Greystone Mansion, also known as Doheny Mansion, the scene of one of the most twisted and macabre crimes in Hollywood history
  •        The Comedy Store, often said to be one of the most haunted buildings in Los Angeles
  •        The strange past of TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, formerly known as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre
  •        Little-known facts about A Nightmare on Elm Street, one of the most successful and frightening horror movies of all time
  •        Visits to Halloween House, the Witch’s House, and much more!

Some of the famous names that reach out from beyond the grave during the tour include:

  •        Marilyn Monroe
  •        River Phoenix
  •        Jim Morrison
  •        Janis Joplin
  •        Dorothy Dandridge
  •        Harry Houdini
  •        John Belushi
  •        …and many others!

Our haunted bus tour is perfect for families and visitors with a penchant for supernatural thrills and twisted adventures! The trip starts at the Starline Tours terminal located outside the TCL Chinese Theatre at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028. Book early to avoid disappointment – this is one of our most popular tour packages!

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