LA Film Locations Tour

Welcome to the L.A. Film Locations tour. Where a Hollywood movie guide takes up to 4 people in a private car for 3 hours to some of the most familiar and famous sites in movie history… the locations, the studios, the private places of Hollywood stars … buildings that at one time served as film backdrops, transformed through the magic of movies.

Since 1935, StarLine, the originator of the Celebrity Homes tour, has been the leader in guided tours with L.A.'s most-experienced guides. Our movie guides take you on a journey of insightful and humorous movie relatable stories as they poke fun and entertain you throughout the tour.

Your 3-hour tour is like driving through a Hollywood studio with abundant sunshine, mountains, coastline, canyons, and residential streets that have stood for everywhere and anywhere in movie-making, past, present, and future.

Don't let a trip to the City of Angels go by without seeing the iconic places where your favorite movies were made.

How it Works

You can customize your tour to your liking. We visit film favorites, or you can choose a unique experience to go where you want to go. You'll see a list of locations to choose from in the booking process. You can narrow that down to TEN locations you'll be guaranteed (and you can list more movies you've seen to fill in the rest of the three-hour time slot, as long as the locations are within proximity). Pick the one you want, and off we go! Want to see more of L.A.?

Contact us to arrange an all-day tour or multiple-city tour (or even a tour at a time not currently never know).

If the schedule works, we can arrange that. Additional fees will apply. Or, you can take a couple of tours!

Specialize tours are based on limited availability.

First to book, first to be serviced basis.

STEP #1: Explore the Film Locations

STEP #2: Book it! Select a date and time, and you will be able to select locations during checkout. STEP #3: Pick up and you’re on your way. We offer dedicated tour pickups exclusively from hotels and AirBnb in Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

You may also meet us at the front of the Dolby Theatre StarLine Tours kiosk at 6801 Hollywood Blvd. Please bring a form of I.D. or Your Confirmation # Don't forget your camera. We'll meet you at your location at the time and date booked and start showing you around town!

Your tour ends at the same place it started (it's often good to pick a restaurant or bar so you can dine or have a drink there before or after your tour to continue your immersion in L.A. film history).

LA Film Locations Tour
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